Brrr! How to Prepare Your Home for Winter Rain & Snow

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Wow, have we ever seen some wild rain and wind in Victoria over the past month! It’s been exceptionally rough for some communities, but we still believe we’re luckier than other parts of the country, which have to deal with non-stop snow. We still need to prepare our homes for these heavy rains and wind, however, and potentially snow. If you haven’t done that this year, it’s lucky you’ve found this blog post

Check Your Roof

If your roof is in need of repair, you’ll want to fix it fast because cleaning up after it’s leaked is a major home repair. You can avoid this mess by replacing or repairing the roof before it gets too bad. Have a professional check your shingles and roof structure and do any repairs or replacement as soon as possible before the next wave of rain and wind hits.

Clean Gutters & Drains

While you’ve got someone up on that ladder checking your roof, make sure to take that opportunity to get your gutters and drains cleaned out. These can easily get clogged by leaves and other debris that fall off trees and blow in from windstorms as well as moss or mould build-up.

Get Busy On Your Yard

On the next nice day, head outside and cut off any hanging branches and prune your bushes, so loose pieces or rogue branches can’t lash against your home, fence or car. For obvious reasons, these could cause major damage.

Keep Your Shovels Close

Although we’re very fortunate not to live under snow for several months, we do often get one or two periods of snowfall every year, and most Victorians are never quite ready. It’s the law in most municipalities to clear the sidewalk adjacent to your home every morning, plus you’ll likely want to dig out your own car and a path to your home. So get your shovels, heavy gloves, and any other snow equipment you may need out now, so you’re not wasting time looking for it when you should be digging.

Check Out the Rest Of Your Home & Yard

Take a walk around your home and yard and check for any damages which may have come up in this past windstorm. Get on these small home repairs before they get worse! Loose siding, fence boards coming off, and other hazards which could lead to further damage or safety hazards need to be dealt with now.
If you haven’t already put away your summer furniture or other items on your deck or in your yard, make sure these are secured or put away as soon as possible. These items can blow around and damage themselves, other surrounding items, and/or people.

Turn Off Your Outside Water

We’ve already had a few really chilly nights — and there’s likely more to come! Pipes can crack or freeze and lead to a whole world of expensive damage and totally unnecessary home repairs. Drain your hoses and outdoor pipes and turn off that water.

Reduce Heat Loss

You’ll notice a big difference in your comfort — and your heating bill — if you seal up any cracks in your windows and doors. A few dollars and a few hours of your time using caulking or weather-stripping are all you need to notice a huge difference.
We hope your home and yard are all ready for whatever Victoria weather will bring us. If you have any other questions about general home repairs to keep your home’s value up or anything to do with real estate, please don’t hesitate to contact us!