How to Choose the Right Neighbourhood for You & Your Family

It’s hard to know what you’re getting yourself into when you move into a neighbourhood you’re not familiar with. Luckily, you can’t go wrong with most neighbourhoods in Victoria, but there are some signs that a neighbourhood is family-friendly and things you can look out for to ensure it’s a good fit for your family.

Check Out the Parks

Drive around your potential neighbourhood and check out the local parks and playgrounds. A great sign is seeing lots of kids there having fun, but it’s also important to check out how well the landscaping and play areas are maintained. You may want to take this opportunity to chat with other parents about the neighbourhood and to see how friendly the locals are.

Seek Out the Schools

You’ll not only want to make sure you’re covered for the schooling your kids will need, from preschool to high school, but you may want to look closer at the schools themselves to make sure they’re in good repair. Stop by the school to double check if they’ll have room for your kids, especially if they’re going to start mid-year, and get a feel for the staff you speak with.

Check Crime Stats

You should be able to find crime stats for your area online or by contacting the area’s local police department. It’s important to not only look at current stats but those from the past few years. An area may be dropping in crime, which is great, or crime rates may be on the rise, which isn’t so great. Your qualified REALTOR® should also be able to find crime reports they can share with you.

Assess Transportation Methods

Not only do you want to make sure the roads to drive into your potential neighbourhood are in good repair, but you want to make sure all your family members are covered for transportation! Are there sidewalks or safe places for your kids to walk to school or the park? Are there biking trails or safe streets for them to bike on? And are you close enough to a bus route so you won’t have to drive your teenagers around forever?

Check Back at Different Times of Day

Your potential neighbourhood may look very calm mid-morning, but does it get clogged with traffic during the morning or afternoon commutes? While we’re lucky that Victoria neighbourhoods are generally very safe overall, you may want to visit after dark a few times to ensure you’ll feel safe and secure living there.

Does It Have Facilities Your Family Will Use?

If you like working out at the gym, your spouse likes playing tennis, or your kids love to see movies, you should check if all these things are convenient in your new neighbourhood. It’s not fun to have to drive halfway across Victoria to get to your gym every morning. You may want to check out where your local supermarket, drugstore and library are to see how they feel as well.

Hire a Qualified REALTOR®

At the Faber Group, we have experience and knowledge with every neighbourhood in Victoria and can answer any questions you have. We can also help you navigate through those sometimes confusing MLS listings. If you still haven’t decided on a neighbourhood yet, we’ll help your family find a great one. Contact us today!