How Home Staging Can Help You Sell Your Home

Do you know what two questions REALTORS® get asked the most?
“Should I stage my home before I sell it?” & “Is home staging really that important?”
If you’re like one of many, it’s high time we finally fill you in on why home staging is necessary and how it can absolutely help you sell your home.

What Exactly Is Home Staging?

Simply put, home staging is when you decorate your home and prepare it to look its best before it goes up for sale.

So, Why Is Home Staging So Important?

Home staging isn’t as daunting as it may sound — and it allows you to reap so many benefits. Take a look at a few of those benefits:
  • You Can Show Off What Your Home Can Do. It’s hard to judge how well furniture will fit into a space unless you actually see it. When people see how a large couch doesn’t overwhelm a space, or that a king-sized bed fits nicely into the bedroom, it helps them visualize if and how their furniture will fit.

  • You Can Fix Any Faults. Chances are your home has a few areas which have served your family well — but aren’t super appealing to look at. Home staging these areas show potential buyers how they can actually be utilized to their fullest potential — and look good.

  • Social Media Is King. In the age of social media and online accessibility, the first impression most potential homebuyers will have of your home is through pictures. Whether it's on the MLS website or a realtor’s webpage, professional photography will allow your home to shine online.

  • Staged Homes Often Sell For More Money. Staging your home makes it look a lot more desirable to potential buyers. A home that looks good gains a lot of interest and that interest can turn into multiple offers on your home — usually at a higher selling price.

  • No Need to Break the Bank to Receive a Nice Return. Generally, staged homes often sell for more money, but you might be worried that it costs a lot to make it look like a show home. The reality is that it doesn't have to be a serious investment. A few hundred dollars, when spent correctly, is enough to punch up your home for viewings.

  • It’s Easier Than You May Think. Just like it’s not a hefty investment of money, it’s not a massive investment of time to stage your home, either. In fact, a lot of REALTORS® can offer advice and even bring in some professionals to help. Staging doesn't mean replacing your furniture with new items or renovating your whole home. Generally, simple, easy fixes are enough.

As REALTORS®, we help to stage a lot of homes for our clients. We know exactly how to do it, and we know what potential buyers are seeking when looking for houses for sale. If you have any further information about home staging or anything real estate related, contact the Faber Group today!